Community Safety

The Franklin Fire Company strives to ensure community safety is at the forefront of what we do! This helps in the preservation of life and property! Below are ways you can help! 

Reflective Address Signs

Save time by helping us find your home in an emergency!


Signs available by donation to community members!


GPS is not always reliable and not all numbers are visible at nighttime. Seconds count in emergency situations. Please mount signs near the road where they are visible from both directions. If you live on a long or shared driveway, it is best to post twice – at the end of the driveway along the road and at each house or building.

Available in two orientations; see photos above! Note: Signs can be ordered by phone as well. Call us today! (717) 263-8600

Order Your Sign Today!

Join our Department!!

Join the Franklin Fire Company family and become a valued member of our dedicated team! Whether you’re passionate about firefighting, administrative support, or community outreach, there’s a place for you here!

“Went there when I was little. They were very polite and helpful. They are part of the reason why I’m a firefighter in western PA now.”

John Smith – Oilfan27

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